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About Us

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     Provvista was inspired by the desire to create a legacy through beautiful tableware. The journey to produce simple, elegant, and everyday dinnerware began in Italy. Meeting with skilled artisans who had learned the art from their fathers and their fathers before them was the joining of kindred spirits.

     The vision was for a classic line of dinnerware, timeless and custom monogrammed, to bring a sense of tradition to beautiful pieces which would be used in a family for generations.

     Provvista Generazione, “provision for generations,” became Provvista’s leitmotif. The Provvista pieces are original creations of the design team. The exquisite results are a testimony to the great talent indigenous to the regions of Tuscany and Umbria.

 In addition to creating elegant and stylish designs, Provvista has also become a company with a purpose. We understand “provision for generations” is about more than creating beautiful dinnerware. We consider it a privilege to serve others by providing for those less fortunate and have chosen to support children through Compassion International. This conviction- Provvista Generazione- permeates every part of the company.